AM Source tagging

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XTA AM Source tagging 

Size: 7*2cm 

Frequency : 58K 

Packing : 20000pcs /CTN

Source tagging is the process in which disposable EAS anti-theft labels are incorporated into merchandise at the manufacturing, packaging, or distributing level—in other words, at the source.


With source tagging, EAS anti-theft labels can be applied to a much wider range of goods than with in-store tagging.


In addition, tagging compliance is more consistent that important manufacturer information is not covered, the tag applied at the source does not damage goods, and the level of security is strengthened as tags are hidden inside the goods.


Centralized label application results in broader tagging which is more effective and efficient. There is virtually no product that cannot be source-tagged.


The Sensormatic Ultra.Max technology works with foils and metals, and it has a small label footprint. It is reliably deactivated, and can be reactivated when needed as with customer returns.


Products being source tagged today cover most categories including automotive aftermarket, apparel, pharmaceuticals, health and beauty care items, jewelry, watches, home center products, general merchandise, toys, sporting goods, books, batteries, consumer electronics, and grocery items.


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About Us

About Us

Our company was established in 2009, once called Shen Zhen Xin Tai An Technology Co,.Ltd . which product professional EAS system ,metal detector . After 7 years development, Our technology of mental detectors is meeting the international high level and we have got a number of national patent. 

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